Block Voicemails and Stop Voicemail Spam

Block Voicemails and Stop Voicemail Spam

Your phone rings.  What to do…

Well, if you’re like me, first, you look at the phone number.  That’s where the angst begins…


Of course, once again the Caller ID only shows the phone number – no name.  Why is it that my calls don’t show the person’s name if I don’t know them?

Anyway, do I know this number?  I mean, it seems sort of familiar – but then again, for some reason every number seems sorta familiar these days.  Well, at least it shows an area code – a clue to work with.
Hmmm.  Where is the 901 area code?  I think that’s in Tennessee – maybe Utah, though.  No, it’s Montana – definitely Montana.  Who do I know in Montana?  But wait – are they really calling from Montana or are the faking the Caller ID?


horizontal-spacerSilence the ring while I decide whether to answer or not.  Be Careful, though!
horizontal-spacerWhatever you do, don’t accidentally hit the green answer button.


horizontal-spacerhorizontal-spacerNow, wait for it, wait for it – Yes! It finally went to voicemail.  What a Relief!


But hang on – it’s not over yet.

1. Will they leave a voicemail?  Do I go back to what I was doing or do I just wait and see?  Yep, there it is.  I’ve got a new voicemail.


horizontal-spacer2. Tap over to my voicemail app and there it is – the Montana number left me a voicemail.


horizontal-spacerhorizontal-spacer3. Hit play – “Hi, this is Rachel from Card Services calling about your credit card account”  Arrrrrrgh.


horizontal-spacerhorizontal-spacerhorizontal-spacer4. Delete Rachel’s voicemail while cursing about why no one on the planet can stop her.


horizontal-spacerhorizontal-spacerhorizontal-spacerhorizontal-spacer5.  Repeat this 5 more times today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.


horizontal-spacerhorizontal-spaceraccess voicemail process circle

Stop the Pain..

This is the trauma that we go through when it comes to getting unwanted voicemail spam.  But we put up with it.  Why?  Because the alternative of talking to ‘Rachael’ or some other shady individual about something that you don’t want (and that you definitely didn’t ask about) is even worse.


It used to be this way for email, too.  You’d see a new email arrive so you’d look at the Subject line and at the Sender’s email address.  Then you’d agonize over whether to risk opening it and getting a virus.  Hey, no doubt that still happens today – but over time, the smart people who make email apps built in Spam and Junk filters for you.  These days, much of your email spam is trapped and sent to a junk folder where it languishes for a few days before it disappears.  Sure – some slip through to your inbox – but it’s way better than it used to be.


So why then is your voicemail totally open to anyone who wants to leave you a message?  It makes no sense.  Why haven’t the people who make your voicemail come to the rescue and built in Spam and Junk filters for you?


You wish is our command…

Well, now we have.  At YouVOXX we decided to put you in control of your voicemail.  It works a little differently than email spam filters, though.  With YouVOXX Voicemail, you can block voicemails from certain phone numbers, you can block voicemails from anonymous callers (think spammers) and you can block voicemails from all numbers that are not in the address book on your phone.


You can even take it one step further and use YouVOXX Voicemail Blocking along with your phone’s Block Calls feature to customize the way your phone handles calls from certain people.  Here are a couple of typical examples:

  1. Block voicemails from someone who has an entry in your address book.  Then, when they call you and rollover into your voicemail they won’t get your voicemail greeting.  Instead, they hear a busy signal and after a few seconds the call just hangs up.  Voicemail Blocked!
  2. For even more control, block their calls on your device and then also block their voicemails in YouVOXX Voicemail. Then when they call you, your phone will not ring – their call goes straight to your YouVOXX Voicemail which plays them a busy signal and then hangs up the call.


Meanwhile, you get peace of mind because you don’t have to deal with voicemails from them ever again.  Finally, you have control over which voicemails you choose to accept.


Coming Soon.

In just a few weeks YouVOXX will start providing you this kind of modern-day control over your voicemail when we launch our service.  Meanwhile, we’re looking for a few more Android users to help us test YouVOXX in December.  Sign up here if you’re interested or if you just want to keep in touch about our launch.

YouVOXX is a free messaging app that offers optional in-app voicemail for most USA mobile plans.

Voicemail Blocking is available in YouVOXX Basic Voicemail.  Even more advanced voicemail blocking capabilities are available in YouVOXX Premium Voicemail.  Learn more…

VoxAmi President & Founder, YouVOXX Creator and Serial Entrepreneur.

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