Block Voicemails from Creepy Gym Guys

Block Voicemails from Creepy Gym Guys

Jennifer has blocked calls from that creepy guy at the gym who got her number from a trainer she quit last month.

But blocking his number on her phone just sends his calls right to her voicemail!  Jennifer still has to go and delete all those voice messages she gets – like every day from this guy.

           PLEASE  MAKE  IT  STOP!

Bo Sent Jennifer This Voicemail Last Thursday
Cropped image of creepy gym guy's face       “Hey This is Bo again.  I’m going to see how many reps I can pump out while I’m on your                     voicemail.      One,  Two,  Three-Oh Yeah Baby,  Five I mean Four,  Five,  Six…”

Then Jennifer’s friend Hannah told her about the way YouVOXX Voicemail can block voicemails from callers you don’t want to get voicemails from.  So Jennifer decides to give YouVOXX Voicemail a try and right off she blocks voicemails from creepy Bo’s phone number.  Now Bo just gets a busy signal when he calls and tries to leave her a message.

You know why?  Because Bo is a creepy guy – and because Jennifer got YouVOXX Voicemail!

At last…  Peace.

YouVOXX is a free messaging app that offers optional in-app voicemail for most USA mobile plans.

Voicemail Blocking is available in YouVOXX Basic Voicemail.  Even more advanced voicemail blocking capabilities are available in YouVOXX Premium Voicemail.  Learn more…


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