Read Your Voicemail

Read Your Voicemail

Tyler:  Mega-Multi-Tasker!

Yep, Tyler is constantly juggling tasks and keeping all the balls in the air.  Tyler is non-stop – you might even say relentless in his multi-tasking.  Nothing stands in the way of his getting every task done.

snail voicemail


Well, except for the 4 or 5 times a day Tyler has to stop multi-tasking to listen to his voicemail.

Tyler’s phone company voicemail slower than slow,

          I     mean,     it     takes     FOREVER . . .

Even worse, Tyler can’t multi-task while he’s trying to listen to his voice messages.  Instead of multitasking, Tyler is looking for something to write with so he can write down the name and phone number that the caller finally gives at the very end of their agonizing 87 second voicemail.

That’s right. Tyler is actually looking for a PENCIL.  Why?  Because ‘There’s no crying in baseball’  – and –  ‘There’s no copy & paste in voicemail’.


But Tyler found an answer to his problem:  YouVOXX Voicemail!

With YouVOXX Voicemail, all of Tyler’s voice messages are transcribed into text and sent to him along with the original voicemail recording.  You see, Tyler is like everyone else.  He can read 3 times faster than he can listen.  So now that he has YouVOXX Voicemail, Tyler can quickly read his voicemail messages while multi-tasking like the wild man he is.

Plus, Tyler can ditch the pencil because now he can copy & paste the text from his voicemails like he lives in the 21st century or something.  Bonus!!

YouVOXX is a free messaging app that offers optional in-app voicemail for most USA mobile plans.

Voicemail transcription is included in all YouVOXX Voicemail packages.  Learn more…


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