What you must know before downloading a visual voicemail app for android devices

Alright, you got that cool new phone. Maybe you switched carriers…

Everything is ready to go. Now, to set up voicemail.

But wait – which voicemail app do you use? Do you go with the visual voicemail app your carrier preloaded, or do you try something different?

Here’s what matters…

3 Things You Need to Know to Get the Best Voicemail App for Android

Visual Voicemail app preload screen

1. Think Before You Go with Your Carrier’s Pre-Loaded Visual Voicemail App

Your carrier preloaded dozens of bloatware apps on your smartphone. One of them was their visual voicemail app for android.
You really didn’t want any of those other apps, did you? So, after you uninstall all those not so fun games – why not look for a better voicemail app?

2. Look for a Voicemail App with Features You’ll Really Use

Today’s voicemail apps include features like robocall blocking and voicemail to text so you can read voicemail transcriptions. Your carrier’s preloaded visual voicemail app for android will not. In fact, most carriers will require you to download their visual voicemail app and pay for the features you actually care about. Why not start fresh with a voicemail app for android that includes everything you really want?

3. You Have Newer & Better Voicemail Options

The type of visual voicemail app your carrier preloaded on your phone first came out in 2007. Sure, those visual voicemail apps were popular over a decade ago, but how do they compare to the way we communicate in today’s messaging and social media world? (Hint: They don’t!)

3 Must Haves for any Voicemail App for Android

YouVOXX Robocall Blocker screenshot

There are many call blocker apps, but most of them block the call and force it to voicemail. What? How can they claim to be a call blocker if the Robocaller can just leave you a voicemail? Accept nothing less than a voicemail app that blocks calls and blocks voicemails, too.

YouVOXX Voicemail app for android screenshot

Voicemail to text has become a basic human right so your voicemail app should transcribe voicemails accurately and completely. Don’t fall for one of those services that only transcribes the first few seconds of your voicemails or charges extra for accurate voicemail transcriptions!

YouVOXX Voicemail app for android screenshot

Visual Voicemail apps force you to call the person back. Today’s voicemail apps should let you reply to voicemails the same way you do in all your other messaging apps.

A modern voicemail app for android lets you start a chat, send a pic or a short voice note, or even send a video voicemail reply. Plus, in a post-Snapchat world, voicemail replies can now disappear after they’ve seen it. More private. More secure.

The Newest Alternative: Social Voicemail Apps

Compared to your carrier’s preloaded visual voicemail app for android, Social Voicemail apps represent a brand-new category of voicemail apps.

Introduced in 2017, Social Voicemail apps are the next evolution in voicemail apps for android.

2 Big Ideas in Social Voicemail Apps

YouVOXX Voicemail app for android screenshot

1. Voicemail apps should work like the chat or messaging apps that people use these days. Instead of presenting each voicemail as a one-off message like a visual voicemail app, Social Voicemail apps group your voicemails by caller into a flowing conversation. Then, the entire voicemail is transcribed using voicemail to text technology. Finally, like a messaging app, Social Voicemail apps let you reply to voicemails by starting a chat, sending a picture, voice note, video, text message, email or – you know – you can call them back.

2. Just like you control who contacts you on social media, a Social Voicemail app for android stops unwanted calls by automatically blocking calls before they ring your phone. Then, instead of letting the caller leave a voicemail, a voicemail blocker refuses to let voicemail pick up.
Robocalls are never answered. They just hear perpetual ringing. If their calls and voicemails are never answered, the Robocaller presumes your number is out of service and removes your number from their robocall list.

Compare Social Voicemail with Visual Voicemail

Visual Voicemail

Social Voicemail

Year Developed
Old-Timey Visual Voicemail Apps vs. ‘The New Hotness’ Social Voicemail App
Voicemail & RoboCall Blocker
Automated RoboCall Blocker that also Blocks Voicemail
Voicemail to Text
Read your voicemails. Save time!

Send-2-Voicemail Phone Number
Calls to this personal phone number go Straight-to-Voicemail

Auto-Forward Voicemails
Share or Email Voicemails and their Transcriptions

Reply to Voicemails
Reply via chat, pictures, a voice note or with video
Voicemail Grouping
Voicemails are grouped by caller like a chat app
Search for Voicemails
Search voicemail transcriptions to find any message
Get Shorter Voicemails
Limit voicemail messages to 1 minute or less
Lifetime Voicemail
Keep your voicemails and your voicemail app if you change your carrier or phone number

Social Voicemail is available from YouVOXX as a voicemail app for android devices in the Google Play Store.

YouVOXX Social Voicemail & Call Blocker offers:

  1. Free, Unlimited RoboCall blocking
  2. Optional Voicemail Service with Voicemail to Text and Voicemail Blocking
  3. A 30-Day Free Voicemail Trial
  4. Easy Set Up. No Obligation. Cancel Anytime.

Now that you know the voicemail app for android options, it’s time to set up voicemail, right?