Products & Pricing

All Voicemail Plans Include:

• Call Queller – Call Blocking Technology

A SEND-2-VOICEMAIL Phone Number.

• An Unlimited Voice Mailbox.

• A FREE 30-Day Trial.

• Many More Voicemail Features. . .

The most powerful Call Blocking available! Blocks Calls and Voicemails from Fake Numbers, Robocallers, even those sneaky numbers that look like they come from someone in your city.

• Completely Block a number – or send the call Straight-to-Voicemail.

Set Blocking levels and options for people in your Contacts, by type of call (International, Toll-Free, Anonymous callers, etc.)

With your help during the first 21 days, Call Queller actually learns your caller profiles to reduce false positive blocks and protect you from unwanted robocallers.

Calls to your regular number that you don’t answer still go to voicemail like normal. But calls to your private SEND-2-VOICEMAIL number go Straight-to-Voicemail  – without ringing your phone!

Give your SEND-2-VOICEMAIL number to businesses, people you just met, debt collectors, your mother-in-law, etc.

No need to clean out a full voice mailbox to make room for more messages ever again!

YouVOXX is FREE to download, FREE to try and AD FREE – forever! Every Voicemail plan offers a FREE 30-Day Trial!

Set Reminders; Flag messages for follow-up; Save & Read voicemails; Find voicemails, friends & messages with Superior Search; Custom voicemail greetings – just to name a few.

Pay as You Go

Social Voicemail Basic

No Monthly or Annual Fees – Only Pay For What You Use!

YouVOXX Basic Voicemail is the perfect voicemail plan for those who don’t get a lot of voicemails – but who want a better voicemail experience when they do get one.

YouVOXX Basic Voicemail replaces your old-school visual voicemail with a brand new, Social Voicemail experience that’s designed for today’s modern messaging era.

Every YouVOXX Basic Voicemail plan comes with a FREE 30-day Trial.

Need more voicemails after your 30-day trial? No Problem…

After your trial and whenever you run low on voicemails, we’ll top-off your account with 50 more Voicemail Power Ups.

  • 1 Power Up = 1 Voicemail

  • The Power Up 50 package is just $4.88

  • There are no monthly or annual subscription fees

  • Your Power Ups never expire as long as you have an active account with us

  • You can easily cancel your service and return to your carriers voicemail service anytime with no obligation.

Only pay for the Voicemails you use!

Learn More About Power Ups…

With Basic Social Voicemail you can:

Read and Reply Voicemail

Read Voicemails then Reply with the Built-In Messaging App

• Read Voicemail. Voicemail-to-text lets you read voicemail when you access voicemail. Others charge monthly fees for voicemail to text – not us! You also get the voicemail audio file to listen to. Check voicemail at a glance – never call voicemail again!


• Reply to Voicemails. Hey, it’s not the dark ages! Check voicemail then Reply with chat, pictures, audio recordings or video using the built-in messaging app – even if the caller doesn’t have YouVOXX!

Voicemail Greeting icon - dark

Assign Custom Greetings to your Callers

Record your own Custom Greetings or upload professionally recorded greetings then assign different greetings to each of your callers


Enjoy Shorter Voicemails

• Curb those long, rambling voicemails. Limit the voicemails people leave you to 30 seconds. That’s plenty of time to get their point across!

Easy to Get.

Voicemail Basic is an in-app purchase available in the Extras tab of the YouVOXX app.

Get YouVOXX Social Voicemail
$5.88 per month

Social Voicemail Premium

All the benefits of Voicemail Basic - Plus More Features and Unlimited Voicemails!

Voicemail Premium gives you even more control over your voicemail.

Go Premium so you can:

Enjoy Unlimited Voicemails

Unlimited voicemails for a set monthly fee.


Allow Longer or Shorter Voicemails for any caller

Set the maximum length of voicemails that callers can leave you (from 20 to 60 seconds long).  You can even set a different duration for anyone in your contact list!

VOZZEE Call Blocker 90x80 3600dpi

Block Calls and Voicemails from more types of callers

Take control with even more sophisticated Call & Voicemail Blocking capabilities. Block all calls & voicemails or Block calls & voicemails from Toll Free numbers, International callers or from Anonymous callers.

Fewer annoying calls & Less spam when you check your voicemail!


Facebook Messenger Voicemail

Check Voicemail on Facebook Messenger. YouVOXX is literally a Social Voicemail app! Set up voicemail to forward voicemails to your Facebook Messenger account as a private, direct message to yourself. Everything else is already there – why not access voicemail there, too?

Easy to Get.

Voicemail Premium is an in-app purchase available in the Extras tab of the YouVOXX app.

Get YouVOXX Social Voicemail

YouVOXX Social Voicemail Plan Comparison

Pay-as-You-Go. No
Monthly or Annual Fee

$ 5 . 88
per month

Call Queller: Block Robocallers and their VoicemailsXX
Call Queller: Send any Caller Straight-to-VoicemailXX
Call Queller: Completely Block calls from people you don't know or Send them Straight-to-VoicemailXX
Your voicemails are transcribed to textXX
30-Day FREE trial. Cancel Anytime - No Obligation.XX
SEND-2-VOICEMAIL private phone number included. Calls to this number go straight-to-voicemail without ringing your phone.XX
Reply to your voicemails with a text chat, audio, a picture or video using the built-in messaging app - even if the caller doesn’t have YouVOXXXX
Shorter voicemails. The voicemails you get are no more than 30 seconds long.XX
Unlimited voice mailbox size so your mailbox never gets fullXX
Lifetime Voicemail. Take your voicemails with you when you change phones or carriers.XX
Record and assign custom voicemail greetings to specific callersXX
Easily record a Temporary voicemail greeting that automatically expires in 24 hoursXX
Security: Messages ‘Age-Out’ and disappear after 180 daysXX
Security: Military-Grade transmission encryptionXX
Share, save and forward your voicemailsXX
Access your messages on multiple devicesXX
Set Reminders or Flags to follow-up on messages you receiveXX
Call Queller: Completely Block Every Incoming Call or Send All Calls Straight-to-Voicemail-X
Call Queller: Completely Block International or Toll Free calls or Send them all Straight-to-Voicemail-X
Call Queller: Completely Block Anonymous Callers or Send them Straight-to-Voicemail-X
Unlimited voicemails for a low monthly fee!-X
Auto-forward voicemails to yourself on Facebook Messenger as a private, direct message-X
Allow everyone (or just select certain people) to leave longer voicemails (up to 60 seconds)-X
Auto-forward the transcription and audio of your voicemails to an email address or to another YouVOXX Friend-X
Record and assign a custom voicemail greeting for anonymous callers-X
Set Temporary Voicemail Greetings to play for up to 30 Days-X
One Time $4.95

MAXXCache Storage

To keep you secure, all YouVOXX messages automatically Age-Out and are no longer visible after a period of time – up to 180 days.
Want to keep all of your old messages longer than 180 days?

We’ve got you covered! MAXXCache Storage let’s you store your voicemails and YouVOXX messages forever!
Of course, you can save, forward, share or delete any message anytime you’d like. But to access your older messages – those more than 180 days old – you can purchase MAXXCache Storage

Forever Storage for a one-time fee of $4.95

Easy to Get.

MAXXCache is an in-app purchase available in the Extras tab of the YouVOXX app.

Get YouVOXX Social Voicemail

Basic Voicemail Power Up

(Power Ups are only used with the Basic Voicemail Plan)

Some months you get a lot of voicemails – other months, not so much. So why pay a set monthly fee for voicemail and voicemail transcription?

With YouVOXX Basic, you pay only for what you use!

When you need more voicemails, we’ll automatically Power Up your account with the bundle that is just the right size for you. The more Power Ups you buy, the more you save.

Power Up 50 – Our smallest bundle gives you another 50 voicemails for just $4.88

Power Up 175 – Offers more bang for your buck with 175 voicemails for $14.88
You can select the Power Up package size that’s right for you in the Extras tab of the YouVOXX app after you have activated your YouVOXX Basic Social Voicemail service plan.